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Feel at Peace and Safe in Your New Home. Be Proud to Invite Your Family or Friends.


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When something needs to be fixed, we stand behind our work.

Be Proud to Invite Your Family or Friends.


Quick and Painless Leasing Process.

You can fill in the application and sign the lease online in the privacy of your own home. You’ll always be treated fairly with respect.


We'll Take The Time To Understand Your Situation


When something needs to be fixed, we stand behind our work.

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We don’t just care about collecting House rents for property owners. We Care About You

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Happy Residents
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Clear photos on website for
accurate depiction of the
property. Convenient
scheduling app for showings.
Showings in masks with
social distancing.



Make Application and Secure It

Application is done online
so you don’t have to come
to our office. Put down your
security deposit so no one
can rent the property from
under you.



Complete the Lease

Lease signing is
online and very
simple. Property will
be move-in ready.

More Details About Houses for Rent OKC Leasing and Maintenance Team

Finding a Property to Rent

The Houses for Rent OKC leasing team tries to make the process of finding a property simple by providing clear information in property listings.  And, making showings convenient.  Although you can submit an application prior to viewing a property, you must view the property prior to leasing it. 

Does OKC Home Realty do Section 8?

YES!  We participate in the Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA) and Oklahoma Housing Finance (OHFA) programs.  We’ve done so for a long time, so we are very familiar with the housing inspections and the paperwork.  If you have a housing voucher, we will walk you through the whole process, and get you into the unit that makes sense for you. 

What if you have a pet?

Not all of our properties are pet friendly, but most are.  You’ll know if it doesn’t because the advertisement will state that it does not allow pets.  The weight limit is generally 25 pounds per pet.  We limit the number of pets per unit to two, but may be restricted to one.  No aggressive breeds / dogs are permitted. 

The pet fee is usually $250 per pet, but may be more depending upon the specific requirements of the property owner.  Please refer to the advertisement for specifics or ask. 

How are showings done?

The Houses for Rent OKC leasing team makes showings available either in person or via lock box.  To request a showing, click on the link on the website.  You will receive instructions on scheduling a showing.  If you don’t receive an immediate response, it probably means the property is currently not available for showings.  As soon as it becomes available, you will receive a notification.  

There may be other parties at in person showings.  Be sure to bring your mask.  You will be asked to distance. 

Are Appliances Included?

Appliances are provided in some but not all properties.  Check the advertisement.  And, always be sure to verify this with Houses for Rent OKC leasing team staff members.  

Application Process and Screening

If you want to rent a property you have seen, the next step is submit the on-line rental application.   Once you have submitted your application, the Houses for Rent OKC leasing team will go to work to process your application. 

What are the qualifications to lease a property from OKC Home Realty Services?

There are three primary items the Houses for Rent OKC leasing team look at when screening the rental application.  1. The take home pay of the applicant must be three times the rent.  2. We require a rental reference from the prior landlord(s).  3. We do a background check that likely includes the credit report.  For me details, go to the article about how we screen rental applications.

How do you apply for a property for rent from OKC Home Realty?
What is the application fee?

The application fee is $35 per applicant.  Each adult must submit their own application.

How long does it take to screen an application?

It varies, but allow at least 2 business days to screen the applications.  It will take longer if we are having issues in getting the rental reference back from the prior landlord(s).  

The Security Deposit

In this housing market, renters need to move fast to secure a property.  Don’t lose the property to someone else who gets to it first!!!  

How do you tie down a property, so no-one else can rent it from under you?

Make contact with the leasing office. They will direct you on how to put a deposit on the property. When you put a deposit on the property, we will screen your application before others. If you are not approved, you will get your security deposit back.

Will you get your security deposit back after you move out?

You will get 100% of your security deposit back as long as you pay the rent under the lease, and return the property in the condition you received it, normal wear and tear excluded.  

The Lease Agreement

Once your rental application has been approved and you have paid your security deposit, the Houses for Rent OKC leasing team will send you a lease to sign electronically. 

How long is the lease term?

The lease is typically 12 months.  However, we can provide 6 month or 24 month options provided it is acceptable to the property owner.  


The Houses for Rent OKC maintenance team includes our Maintenance coordinator, Maintenance supervisor, and Maintenance Technicians.  We have your back. 

Will OKC Home Realty properties be move-in ready?

Yes.  Occasionally we find repair items after a resident has moved in.  Those items will be addressed.  

Will the landlord pay for maintenance?

Some landlords do next to no maintenance on their properties because they just don’t want to spend the money.  They aren’t concerned about their residents, they are only concerned about money.  Look, we don’t waste money on needless maintenance.  But when something need to be fixed, we don’t hesitate to get it fixed.  In fact, we just won’t work for owners who are slum lords. 

How can a resident submit a maintenance request to the Houses for Rent OKC maintenance department?

A resident can submit a work order request through the resident portal or by calling or texting the maintenance coordinator. 

Does Houses for Rent OKC maintenance do a walk-through inspection before move in?

We do a move-in checklist prior to move in.  Hopefully, that will catch items that need to be addressed prior to move in.  But if they don’t, just submit a request and we will address the item. 

Will your personal information be protected?

Absolutely.  We don’t release resident information to third parties without your consent.