Our Section 8 Rentals in OKC

At OKC Home Realty Services we are sure there is something for everybody. We are a property management OKC Section 8 rentals management company. We have section 8 rentals in OKC for people that are looking for subsidized housing. The properties that are listed above are all subsidized by the local housing authority. This is the right place to find the best section 8 properties in Oklahoma. Our section 8 houses in Oklahoma City OK are very comfortable to live in and will provide great quality of life. Get to know more about Section 8 Housing OKC.

We have section 8 single-family houses as well as section 8 apartments in OKC. To apply for any one of these, you have to meet the eligibility criteria set by Oklahoma City Housing Property ( OCHP ) and then also pass our background check. You should apply to be on an open waiting list if you are looking to get a section 8 house in OKC.

You can apply for section 8 rentals in OKC online using a valid email address. You need to provide your social security number and all income sources if you are looking to apply. Our background check is very simple and if you are a good person, you shouldn’t worry about failing the background check.

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Once you move into our section 8 rentals, we will take care of your every problem. We treat a renter who lives in an expensive rental home and a person who lives in a section 8 rental exactly the same way. We will fix any issues related to the general maintenance of your house.

OKC is a great place to live in. But, everyone may not afford to live in them. That’s why we also manage Section 8 properties. OKC Home Realty Services manages properties in various cities in Oklahoma. If you're looking for beautiful affordable houses for rent in OKC, you're in the right place.


How do I apply for Section 8 in Oklahoma?

Visit the local Public Housing Authority ( PHA ) and submit an application form there. You can get the application form from your local PHA or some non-governmental websites.

How do you qualify for Section 8 housing in Oklahoma?

To qualify you to need to fulfill low-income requirements and citizenship and immigration status requirements. Also, nobody that will stay in the section 8 rental can have a criminal record.

Does Section 8 pay all your rent?

Section 8 is a need-based program. So, section 8 pays the part of your rent that you need help with. Sometimes it is the total rent but in most cases, section 8 doesn’t pay all of the rent.

What is the most Section 8 will pay?

At most, section 8 will pay all of your rent. Section 8 will pay more for people with a larger families. Section 8 only pays for low-cost housing.

What is the income limit for section 8 housing in OKC?

For a single person, the income limit is $21,500 per year and if you have a family of 8 or more the income limit is $40,550 per year

What will disqualify you from Section 8?

If you have a conviction for producing meth in federally funded housing then it will disqualify you for section 8.

What does Section 8 look for in a background check?

Section 8 mainly looks for criminal records and the validity of income of the people when doing a background check.

Can I break my Section 8 lease?

A lease on a section 8 rental cannot be broken unless there is an opt-out clause in the lease agreement that you fulfill.

How does Section 8 verify your income?

HUD has an Enterprise Income Verification ( EIV ) system which is used to verify your income alongside the documentation provided by you.