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What are the qualifications to lease a property from OKC Home Realty Service?

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The qualifications to rent a property from OKC Home Realty Services can be summarized as income, background check, and landlord reference.

  1. Income.  The take-home pay of the applicant must be three times the rent.  The verification can be in the form of pay stubs if you are an employee.  If you are self-employed contact us to find out what you can use for this step.
  2. Background Check.  The background check is several parts.  One is the credit check.  We don’t necessarily require a certain score, but we do look at the information to determine how well you pay your bills.  We also pull information from other sources about civil or criminal court filings.  This shows such things as felonies, misdemeanours, evictions, etc.
  3. Landlord Reference.  We do require a reference from most current landlord, and possibly your landlord prior to that as well.  So you will need to provide us your landlord’s contact information. 
Frequently Asked Questions
What does your income need to be in order to qualify?

Your take home pay needs to be at least three times the rent

What if you don’t have a rental history?

Some people don’t have rental history because it is the first time they have rented.  In those cases, we have gotten a co-signer.  Or, a person may have moved out of a house they owned. In those cases, we just need some documentation such as the info on the credit report or a prior mortgage statement. 

What if the applicant is self employed?

If the applicant is self employed, we will need some type of documentation of the income, such as bank statements, tax returns, etc. 



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