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Should I Add a Sprinkler System to My House?

sprinkler system

When you own a new home, the dream of having a lush green front yard is real. To achieve your dream landscape, that comes with several installations. A sprinkler system is one.

While the system comes with potential costs like acquisition, installation, maintenance, and repairs, its benefits override the cons. However, you must make sure that it is installed properly. We’ve heard horror stories of major water damage done to properties. Selling a flood-damaged house is not a fun experience. In any case, we are here to discuss the benefits of having a sprinkler system that works properly at your house.

Here are some of the reasons why you should add a sprinkler system to your front yard and keep your grass greener.

To Evenly Water Your Lawn

A sprinkler system hydrates your lawn evenly. Your yard gets the best water coverage since each nozzle is perfectly placed to distribute equal amounts of water within its radius. Other systems of irrigation may not evenly distribute water across your yard.

That is because if your yard has slopes and the water is not well distributed, it could flow and saturate some areas while leaving others dry. Once you place the sprinklers strategically, its automated system will work like magic for you. This is more efficient than having to hand water or use a hose to water your yard.


Hand watering a yard is exhaustive. It is also time-consuming, especially if your front yard is large. If age or bad health is catching up with you, you will find a sprinkler system very convenient.

Most sprinkler systems are automated and will take care of your yard even when you are away doing errands or spending time with your family and friends. You can even set that up to weekly or biweekly. If the season is wet, you will stop the system until it gets arid.

Saves You Money

Beyond the convenience of saving your time, a sprinkler system saves you money. Hose or hand watering will consume unnecessary amounts of water.

If you want to drench your yard with water, and all you have is a hose or watering can be prepared to pay hefty utility bills. Programmable sprinkler systems are great as they water automatically without exceeding the required levels, thanks to the optimal time setup.

Frees Your Yard From Fungi And Weeds

In the front yard of your house, you may have a blend of flower beds, lawns, and a vegetable garden. It is normal for fungi and weeds to creep in. Plant diseases may also attack your garden.

The easiest way to prevent that is watering with a sprinkler system. Fungi and diseases attack when droplets of water collect and stagnate on leaves. The sprinkler delivers water with pressure, which doesn’t stand but goes deep into the ground. Hand watering floods some patches on the ground. Water collects and becomes a breeding ground for pests and diseases.

Adding Your Home’s Resale Value

A well-designed sprinkler system can add to your home in terms of resale value. Other than the value of the installations, the system makes your garden and lawns attractive and healthy. If you want to sell your home, the value will be higher. Every potential buyer is attracted by the exterior design and beauty before they get to the interiors.


Adding a sprinkler system to your front yard offers you many benefits. These range from aesthetic to financial benefits. You will find it more convenient than spending time working exhaustively on your yard with hoses and a watering can. The results of using a sprinkler system are excellent as you will have a healthier and plush lawn with a higher value.



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