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What if You Have a Section 8 Housing Voucher?

section 8 housing voucher

Bring us your voucher.

We love working with the Section 8 housing program.

OKC Home Realty Services, LLC, has worked with the housing program for years.

In fact, we’re very familiar with the Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency (OHFA) way of doing things.

And, the Oklahoma City Housing Authority (OCHA) way of doing things.

Many times, we pass the housing inspection the first time around.

We don’t want there to be any delays for your getting into your unit.

You probably already know that many landlords just schedule the first inspection without doing any work at all.

They get the list of repairs, and just plan on doing the repairs that are on the list.

Not us.

We have a detailed pre-inspection checklist that our technicians go through so we have an excellent chance of passing the housing inspection the first time around.

Not all of our properties are approved for Section 8.

Call our office at 405-232-5800 to find out if a particular property is approved for your housing program today!



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