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Is Bethany OK a good place to live?

Bethany provides a great quality of life at a decent cost of living. It is a dense suburb. So, it is neither congested nor a ghost city. This makes Bethany one of the best places to live in Oklahoma.

Is Bethany Oklahoma Safe?

The violent crime rate in Bethany is slightly lower than the national and Oklahoma average. So, Bethany may not be the safest place in America but safety issues shouldn't be the reason to not live in Bethany.

What are the best elementary schools in Bethany, Oklahoma?

Earl Harris, Lake Park, Western Oaks, e.t.c are some of the best elementary schools in Bethany, Oklahoma.

How far is Bethany Oklahoma from Oklahoma City?

Bethany is 11 miles away from OKC which is about 20 minutes away from Oklahoma City.

What county is Bethany OK in?

Bethany OK is located in Oklahoma county.

How big is Bethany Oklahoma?

Bethany city located in Oklahoma has an area of 5.228 square miles.

What university is in Bethany OK?

Southern Nazarene University and Southwestern Christian University are located in Bethany Oklahoma

Is Southern Nazarene University a good school?

Southern Nazarene University is a great school. According to niche.com, the University is one safer university in America and also has above-average education.

What is the cost of living in Bethany, OK?

The cost of living in Bethany is 16.7% less than the national average.

What are the top hospitals in Bethany, OK?

West Reno, Integris Deaconess, First met urgent care Northwest Oklahoma City, e.t.c. are some of the top hospitals near Bethany,