You can see some of the best houses for rent in Edmond, OK above. The rental properties that we manage are affordable and provide great value for your money. We manage small low budget rental properties as well as bigger homes where the whole family can live. We are a property management company in Edmond OK and we can provide you with any type of rental property that you want. These homes are easy to lease as we help you with the legal aspects of signing a lease agreement.

Edmond is just about 20 minutes drive away from OKC. We also manage houses for rent in OKC. But, if you want to live in a quieter place, then you should instead live in Edmond. There 33 public parks in Edmond for people who want to get close to nature. The beautiful lake Arcadia is located in this city. The public schools in this city are great. The cost of living here is also less than the national average. It is also one of the safer cities in Oklahoma.

We will look after the home maintenance even after you start living in that place once you rent from us. You’d get the same level of attention no matter if you rented a 1 bedroom apartment or a 4 bedroom single-family home. You don’t have to worry about your problems not being attended to when you rent from us. We specialize in keeping both the tenant and the landlord happy. We act as a bridge in the relationship between tenant and landlord. Our relationships between tenants and landlords are strictly professional.

You can file an online application for these rental homes. When filing an application, you don’t have to pay any application fee. But, you’ll be required to pay a minimum $100 reservation fee. This fee will be returned if you don’t get the apartments. You’ll be the priority if you put down the whole security deposit in advance. The deposit will also be returned if you do not get the apartment.

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Is renters insurance required in Edmond City?

Residents are responsible to show the proof of renters insurance before signing a lease.

What is the average rent in Edmond Ok?

The average rent in Edmond city is $942 which is 2% more in comparison to previous years’ rent.

Is Edmond OK a safe place to live?

Edmond City Ok is a safe place to live as it has the least violent crime rate, least property crimes, and the least for total violent and property crimes.

Is Edmond OK a good place to live?

Edmond is a sparse suburban area with many parks that is a great place to live for people looking to escape OKC.

What is the crime rate in Edmond Oklahoma?

The violent crime rate in Edmond Oklahoma is more than 50% less than the Oklahoma average as well as the national average.

Does it snow in Edmond Oklahoma?

Yes, it does snow in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Does Edmond Oklahoma get tornadoes?

Edmond Oklahoma faces tornadoes at a higher rate than the rest of the country as it is located in the tornado alley of Oklahoma,

What is Edmond OK known for?

Edmond is the place where the University of Central Oklahoma is located.

What is it like to live in Edmond OK?

You feel safe when you live in Edmond OK and you'll also be close to nature.

How far is Edmond from Oklahoma City?

Edmond is 14.5 miles away from Oklahoma City.

How much does it cost to get into Lake Arcadia?

You can get into lake Arcadia for just 1 dollar. But, if you have to take motor vehicles then you'll have to pay more.

Are schools in Edmond OK good ?

Edmond has one of the top school districts in the state is probably the best city for education around Oklahoma Metropolitan Area.

Which county is Edmond OK in?

Edmond OK is in Oklahoma county.