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Pet Policy

pet policy

This article presents the OKC Home Realty Services pet policy. This is relevant to anyone who is applying to lease a property, or to an existing resident who wants to add an additional pet.

Do All Properties Managed by OKC Home Realty Services Allow for Pets?

No. It depends upon the property. Most do. If it is an advertised rental, it should specify in the advertisement on the website Or, if you want to add a pet, contact the management company to inquire.

What breeds of dogs are allowed? 

For properties that allow for pets, it depends. You have to refer to the specifics of the advertisement. We manage properties for a number of different owners, and the types of allowable breeds vary. For example, we have some properties that allow any breed of dog, as long as the individual dog is not aggressive and as long as having that dog on the property doesn’t violate any city ordinances.

But most commonly, we have a weight limit that dictates the breed which would work for an individual property.

What is the weight limit?

For properties that have just one flat pet fee, there is a uniform weight limit of 30 pounds per pet. If it is a younger dog, the weight limit would include the weight of the full-grown pet.

How does OKC Home Realty Services screen pets?

We use a service called in cases other than the same flat fee for all pets. It takes into account all the information about your pet and places it on a scale of 1 to 5 paws.

How about fish and birds?

For fish, a standard pet fee would apply to any tank larger than 1 gallon. There is a maximum volume of 20 gallons for any individual aquarium. And, a limit of one aquarium. 

Standard pet fees apply to birds.

What about service animals?

Service animals are not considered to be pets, in accordance with Fair Housing Laws.

How much are pet fees?

For properties that have just a flat fee, the pet fee is $300 per pet. That is a non-refundable fee.

For properties that use pet screening, and allow any pet within reason, an administrative monthly fee is charged. The monthly fee is based on the pet screening score obtained from Here are the monthly fees:

1 Paw$20 per month
2 Paws$30 per month
3 Paws$40 per month
4 Paws$55 per month
5 Paws$70 per month

Note: These monthly fees are non-refundable.



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